Organizational Structure

The SEWA Co-operative Federation is registered as a secondary level co-operative and is a state-level organization governed by the co-operative laws of Gujarat state in India.

SEWA Federation has 106-member co-operatives, with around 300,000 women members. All member co-operatives elect 9-15 members who constitute the Board of Directors (BOD). The board meets every three months and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once a year where designated representatives (usually the Chairpersons and the Secretaries) gather to review and adopt the year’s activities and the audited accounts.

The Board elects the President of the Federation, who in turn nominates the Managing Director (MD). The MD works with various vertical teams (currently comprising of agriculture, handicrafts and services which constitute the largest population of self-employed workers in India) and with a horizontal accelerator team (Samuhik Shakti), which works with member co-operatives to build capacity, support training and business planning, and conduct research and advocacy.

Structure of SEWA Federation