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Our members are co-operatives owned by self-employed women working across sectors in the informal economy. These workers are often from the most vulnerable communities, and being women they face many roadblocks in achieving economic empowerment. Working as part of co-operatives and collectives enables these women to exercise leadership, make decisions, and strive for economic independence.


Help us help these women achieve their dreams.

There are various ways in which you can join SEWA Federation as a volunteer. We welcome those who are interested in becoming a grassroots volunteer or wish to learn more about our ongoing projects.

Every rupee you contribute helps in providing economic support to our co-operatives. For those who are unable to volunteer their time or service, this is the fastest and simplest way of making a difference in the lives of our sisters.

If you are an organization looking to support and promote SEWA Federation’s cause through standalone or integrated activities, we would love to hear from you.
Work with Us
If you are passionate about joining SEWA Federation full-time, please refer to our Careers page.