About SEWA Federation

The Indian work force largely functions informally – 93 per cent of all employed persons work in the informal sector, with women being more likely to be in informal arrangements than men. Founded by Elaben Bhatt, the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) started working with these informal women workers in 1972 by collectivising them under a national union. Currently, the union has 1.8 million members, across 18 states in the country.

The focus on women’s economic empowerment to drive social change brought together the women’s movement, the labour movement and the cooperative movement into SEWA. While the Union organises workers for collective rights, SEWA Cooperative Federation supports women’s collective social enterprises, in order to provide a sustainable livelihood option to workers.

Women’s Co-operatives
Women Workers
Sectors Supported
SEWA Federation comprises of a team of experts and provides to its member co-operatives a range of services. These experts extend their services in the following key areas to enable the growth of both member and non-member social enterprises.
We Offer:
A comprehensive ecosystem that supports and nurtures women-run businesses
We Invite:
Women’s co-operatives/collectives that have identified a need for support
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There are various ways in which you can support the SEWA community, and every small gesture goes a long way in enabling the economic empowerment of poor, self-employed women workers.


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