Sahinaben (e-rickshaw driver) #WomenOfSEWA

Sahinaben belongs to a household where resources are scarce. She learned of SEWA’s work from her neighbour who works at VimoSEWA – a  multi-state insurance cooperative. She presently earns her livelihood as a domestic worker.

Sahinaben starting her training after the delivery of her e-rickshaw

For the past two months, Sahinaben has taken part in a pilot to train women in the transport sector and build their capacities to earn a sustainable, alternative livelihood operating e-rickshaws. This pilot, conducted in collaboration with our partners at SEWA Bharat and SMV Green Solutions, is to gauge the economic feasibility of running passenger e-rickshaws in Ahmedabad city.

Sahinaben, who has received a formal education until the 7th standard, could only find employment as a domestic worker, with her mother. But, with the support and encouragement from her immediate family, she has taken the step to be part of this initiative, which has the potential to dramatically improve her life.

Through the Vahini pilot, it is expected that Sahinaben will not only find more remunerative employment opportunities ‒ thereby increasing her income ‒ but also own a value-generating asset and build her capacities sufficiently to improve her life. If successful, this will lay the foundation for other women in Ahmedabad, like Sahinaben, to pursue riding e-rickshaws as a potential alternate livelihood.

SEWA Cooperative Federation is proud to be a part of the multi-state Vahini project along with SEWA Bharat and SMV Green Solutions. To read more about the Vahini efforts taking place in Delhi, click here.

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