Mission & Vision

Our Vision: To work with collectives that are run by, with, and for poor women to help them achieve full employment and self-reliance at the collective and the member level.

Our Mission:
Since its inception, the SEWA Federation has worked with a singular mission: The holistic empowerment of poor self-employed women, within collectives and co-operatives.

SEWA Federation envisions a business environment where women-run social businesses can compete with other traditional companies by being managed as efficiently as them. To achieve this goal, the Federation has developed the following multi-dimensional strategy:

  • Enable women to gain ownership of their trade through co-operatives and collectives, and to bring them into the mainstream economy.
  • Establish a direct relationship between the producers and consumers, thereby eliminating exploitative middle agents.
  • Advocate for the rights and interests of workers at the State and institutional levels.
  • Train women in management skills like accounting, auditing, marketing, planning techniques, etc.
  • Build the capacity of co-operative and collective members to access useful knowledge and technologies.