SEWA Cooperative Federation Chairperson discusses the SEWA movement on TBCY podcast

Part of our work at SEWA Cooperative Federation is to bring visibility and networking opportunities to women and their collective enterprises thus allowing them to showcase their work. Participating in a variety of forums to spread our members’ stories through podcasts and other alternative media helps us reach a wider audience.

Our chairperson, Mirai Chatterjee, was recently invited to speak on The Brand Called You, a podcast that interviews high achievers across a variety of fields. Miraiben spoke about the informal women that we work with at SEWA in general but also went into the challenges that their collective enterprises face while participating in the wider market context.

Some of the discussed challenges included meeting our member enterprises’ working capital needs and enabling appropriate marketing support. Read about how SEWA Cooperative Federation has supported women’s collective enterprises in accessing finances and finding appropriate market opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The podcast concluded with Miraiben speaking about her personal experience working at various levels of the SEWA movement, what she means by success and how she deals with failure.

To watch the video version of the podcast, please click this link or listen to the audio through Anchor, Spotify or find it on the podcast platform of your choice.

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