In order to assist in the governance and improve the economic viability of the co-operatives, the Federation has set up a consulting cell, which provides low cost high quality consulting services to the co-operatives.

Services provided include:

  • Strategy for scaling up
  • Branding and advertising strategy
  • Raising capital
  • Establishing contact with institutional customers
  • Setting up MIS systems or outsourcing IT capacity

The support of SEWA continues after training a co-operative in the form of monitoring its effective and successful functioning. The Services Division of the Federation looks after the accounts and record keeping in co-operatives formed and run by poor illiterate women. While monitoring, it identifies and steps in to fill in the gaps with on-the-job training and services.

A wide-spectrum support system:

A consulting cell of SEWA provides back-end service support in areas where a co-operative may be lacking. It extends various need-based on-the-job services like norms and procedures of co-operative registration, writing accounts, conducting audits, holding reviews, organizing general meetings, writing minutes and agendas, preparing annual reports and negotiating effectively.

Moreover, the Federation educates its members on the existing legal structure and by-laws. This assists its members whenever they are affected by legal issues in their functioning.

List of services:

  • Registration procedure for new co-operatives
  • Conducting monthly Executive Committee and General Body meetings
  • Assist drawing agenda and writing minutes
  • Write and maintain records
  • Assist internal and Government audit
  • Assist writing resolutions
  • Write annual reports
  • Maintain links with Government schemes
  • Maintain links of members with SEWA services (bank, housing, insurance, child care, health care, and academy)
  • Negotiate meetings with the corporate sector for employment and business
  • Make agreements and correspond with other organizations
  • Assist in the procedure to modify the bye laws
  • Provide marketing services
  • Assist review of co-operatives

The Integrating Link:

The Federation helps by taking an integrated perspective to find solutions for the problems of its members. It leverages the vast network of co-operatives as well as associations with other organizations to develop and implement solutions.

Conducting Research & Surveys:

The Federation conducts surveys and research for the co-operatives which are need-based. This enhances their capabilities to run their co-operatives in the changing economic scenario.